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Were you injured in a car accident in DuPage County, Illinois? Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers can help you collect compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

You deserve financial justice from the party responsible for the crash, and our DuPage County car accident lawyers are eager to begin helping you every step of the way. Since we were founded in 2005, we have obtained over $150 million for our clients. Our lawyers have more than 74 years of combined experience practicing law.

That experience and track record means you can rest assured that we’ll work hard to achieve a successful outcome for your case. Contact us online or at 630-848-9294 for more information or to start forming an attorney-client relationship.

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How Can Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers Help After A Car Accident In DuPage County?

A car accident in DuPage County, Illinois, can leave you and your loved ones feeling scared and overwhelmed, which is more than understandable. There might be an insurance company questioning the validity of your claim, plus you might have mounting medical bills and other costs to contend with. If you’ve had to miss work due to the accident, it can become difficult to make ends meet. And, of course, all of this could be occurring on top of your significant pain and suffering.

We understand what you are going through, and we want to be there to help you make it past this incredibly trying time. When you hire Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers to represent you, you’ll be able to focus on recovering from your injuries. In the meantime, our DuPage County personal injury attorneys will handle your claim for compensation. To that end, we can:

  • Collect evidence, identify any liable parties and articulate the complete extent of your damages via an investigation into your car accident
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf with the other party or parties to your case
  • Handle all of the communications and paperwork related to your claim
  • Bring your case to court and all the way to trial if needed
  • Protect you from unfair accusations that the accident was your fault

Reach out to our law office today to begin fighting for the compensation you need after an auto accident in DuPage County.

How Common Are Car Accidents In DuPage County, Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) provides detailed statistics on car accidents across the state. The data show the following numbers of auto accident fatalities in Illinois over the past five full years:

  • 2021: 1,334
  • 2020: 1,196
  • 2019: 1,010
  • 2018: 1,035
  • 2017: 1,090

Unfortunately, these Illinois car accident statistics reflect a largely upward trend in fatalities. Regarding DuPage County specifically, the numbers are as follows for the year 2021, according to IDOT.

  • 15,329 total car accidents
  • 43 fatal car accidents resulting in 48 fatalities
  • 4,832 injury-causing car accidents
  • 11,752 property damage accidents

These data show that there are, on average, more than 13 injury-causing car crashes in DuPage County every single day. And there is a fatality in the county roughly once a week.

The best way to receive adequate compensation after a car accident in DuPage County is to hire an experienced attorney. Contact the legal team at Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers today for legal advice.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident In DuPage County?

There are some key things to keep in mind regarding what to do and not do after a car accident. These include the following:

  • Call 911 to have the police arrive at the scene and create a report.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver.
  • Do not apologize or accept blame for the accident, as doing so could hurt your claim.
  • If possible, take photos and video of the accident scene that show your damages, and obtain contact information from any eyewitnesses.
  • Do not flee the scene, as this could also hurt the success of your claim.
  • Receive medical attention, even if you don’t have an apparent injury. Medical records will be helpful for receiving compensation, and some injuries are not immediately present.

It is also best to contact an attorney as soon as you can after an accident, as a lawyer can help provide further guidance based on the specific situation. Ideally, you should do so before speaking with the insurance company as well.

What Is My DuPage County Car Accident Case Worth?

Each car accident case in DuPage County revolves around a unique set of facts and circumstances, so it’s not feasible to provide an accurate assessment of your claim prior to speaking with you. To shed some light on the subject, however, the following factors impact the value of most cases:

  • The amount of available evidence to support your compensation claim
  • Whether you share some of the fault for the crash
  • The type and severity of your car accident injuries
  • The terms of any insurance policies that apply to the case

And in broader terms, the cases that cause the most serious injuries – those that most heavily impact the victim’s day-to-day life – tend to be of the highest value. We’ll be able to provide you with more personalized insight on this topic during your free case review.

What Types Of Damages Can DuPage County Car Accident Victims Claim?

If you’ve been hurt in a DuPage County car accident, you can seek economic and noneconomic damages.

The financial consequences of the car accident make up your economic damages claim. A few examples of this type of damages are:

The other, less quantifiable, consequences of the auto accident comprise your noneconomic damages claim. These damages include things like:

Punitive damages are awarded in rare cases where the defendant acted with extreme disregard for the safety of others, such as a DUI car accident. These damages are meant to deter others from similar misconduct and “punish” the at-fault party for what they’ve done.

Can I Still Receive Damages If I’m Being Blamed After A Car Accident In Illinois?

Yes – but only up to a point, as per state law. Illinois has adopted a modified comparative negligence doctrine with a 51% bar to recovery.

Under this doctrine, you will be assigned a percentage of fault for the accident. If that percentage is 50% or less, you can still recover damages, but your damages award could be reduced accordingly. For example, if you are assigned 25% of the blame and receive an $800,000 financial award, that award could be reduced by 25% to $600,000. And if you are assigned 51% or more of the blame for the crash, you will not be able to collect any damages.

The party responsible for your DuPage County car accident can escape liability entirely if they successfully pin the blame on you. This is one reason why having a skilled lawyer on your side is important, as an attorney can fight back against those allegations and significantly increase your bargaining power.

What Are Some of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries In DuPage County, Illinois?

Some car accidents in DuPage County result in minor injuries, while others can cause catastrophic harm that changes the victim’s life forever. Some of the more common types of injuries include:

Whether or not the injuries you have suffered are listed above, our DuPage County car accident attorneys can help you pursue compensation.

What Causes Most DuPage County Car Accidents?

Some of the more common causes of car accidents in DuPage County are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Insufficient driver skill and ability
  • Drunk or intoxicated driving
  • Poor weather or road conditions
  • Defective machinery
  • Running a red light
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding
  • Improper lane changes
  • Improper braking

If you’re reading to begin pursuing compensation from the person who caused your car accident, contact our personal injury law firm to set up a no-pressure, free case evaluation.

How Do I Establish Negligence After A Car Accident In DuPage County?

The chances are that you’ll have to prove the other party was negligent in order to be compensated after a DuPage County car accident. Negligence is a legal term with a similar meaning to “carelessness.” There are four elements required to prove negligence:

  • Did the other party owe you a duty of care given the circumstances?
  • By way of their actions, did the other person violate that duty of care?
  • Was the accident caused by the other party?
  • Did you suffer damages as a result?

If you can assert each of these elements by a preponderance of the evidence – meaning that each is more likely true than not – you’ll be well on your way to collecting a monetary award. The attorneys with Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers have been successfully representing clients in negligence cases for decades, and we can do the same for you.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit After A Car Accident In The State Of Illinois?

After an automobile accident in Illinois, you’ll generally have two years to file a lawsuit. This is the deadline established by the state’s statute of limitations. Filing a lawsuit too late means you’ll forfeit your ability to pursue compensation, whether it’s through an insurance claim or in a court of law.

However, there are limited circumstances where this deadline can be tolled (paused). For example, if the victim was a minor or was mentally incompetent at the time of the crash.

Feel free to contact our personal injury attorneys in DuPage County with any questions you may have about how the statute of limitations applies in your case.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Experienced DuPage County Car Accident Attorney

There’s likely still time for you to hold the at-fault party accountable for your damages after you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in DuPage County. Mathys & Schneid Personal Injury Lawyers is just the right law firm to help you do so effectively.

Our law firm works on contingency, so you won’t pay us anything upfront. We’ll receive payment for our legal services as an agreed-upon percentage of the monetary sum we obtain for you at the conclusion of your case. This way, we only win if you do, and we’ll be incentivized to maximize the value of your claim. You’ll also be able to hire us even if you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, financially speaking.

Would you like more information about how our DuPage County car accident lawyers can help with your case? Call today at 630-848-9294 or contact us online to get started.

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