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4 reasons to consider suing your doctor

If a doctor or hospital causes you harm due to negligence or incompetence, you may be feeling a lot of frustration. You may be wondering if there is any action you can take.

It may be possible to file a lawsuit against the medical professional who hurt you. Here are some common types of medical malpractice that may warrant legal action.

Traumatic Brain Injury Facts

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have numerous effects on a person. Along with physical complications, TBI is also associated with mental and emotions issues, some of which can persist indefinitely. If you or a loved one is suffering from a TBI, knowing the facts is crucial for getting the right treatment, as well as offering assistance if you wish to file an injury claim.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 30 percent of all deaths resulting from injury can be attributed to TBI. TBI is also linked to 2.5 million emergency room visits and over 282,000 hospitalizations. Out of all the age groups, the very young and very old tend to experience loss of life from TBI most frequently. For people aged 65 and older, falls were the most common cause of serious brain injury.

Teenage Woman Killed in Elgin Crash

On July 29, 2018, around 2:00 p.m., a semi-truck crashed with a passenger car, driven by a teenage woman, at the Randall and Hopps roads intersection in Elgin, Illinois. Elgin police report that the woman made her left turn from southbound Randall Road towards eastbound Hopps Road. The semi-truck, driven by a 57 year-old Wheeling man, did manage to sound its horn but could not avoid impact. Authorities pronounced the woman dead at the scene, but they have not released the identities of the drivers or if traffic tickets were issued.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy remains a mysterious disease

Head trauma can be one of the most devastating injuries to happen to Illinois residents. Whether one suffered a severe concussion or a minor head injury, the effects of brain trauma can be ongoing and life-changing. People who have experienced numerous head injuries may be at risk of an even more serious condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

This disease, more commonly known as CTE, is often seen by middle age or later in patients who received multiple head injuries over the course of their life. The injuries do not necessarily need to be serious concussions, as explained by the Mayo Clinic; in fact, multiple non-concussive blows to the head that do not seem severe at the time can be enough to result in the patient developing CTE later in life. The symptoms can include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, depression, mood changes, aggressive behavior, speech difficulties and suicidal ideation. The disease cannot be diagnosed while the patient is living; instead, it is confirmed after autopsy.

Texting is not the only distraction that causes accidents

When the conversation turns to distracted driving, the culprit most commonly cited is texting. Indeed, texting while driving is a national epidemic that has become the top cause of death for teenage drivers, according to Newsday. There are plenty of other distractions that can be just as dangerous, though. If you are not completely focused on the road, you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk.

You should consider the following distractions, too, and be sure that you are not susceptible to any of them. It is important to avoid anything that might potentially pull your attention away from the road. If you have been injured due to a distracted driver, get the medical and legal assistance you need immediately. 

Understanding Erb’s palsy

As an Illinois expectant mom, you probably spend a good deal of time thinking about your developing baby’s health, welfare and safety. To ensure this, you likely also take really good care of yourself so your baby, in turn, can benefit from your own good health. Unfortunately, however, not everything concerning your baby is under your control. (S)he could suffer a birth injury that could affect him or her for the rest of his or her life.

Erb’s palsy is one such potential injury. Although rare, occurring in only 0.5 to 2.6 percent of live U.S. births, it can have catastrophic consequences if it happens during your baby’s birthing process.

What are the signs of an allergic reaction to anesthesia?

Unfortunately, there are some operations or medical treatments that will require you to go under anesthesia. However, if you have never been under anesthesia before, this can be somewhat risky. Some people have anesthesia allergies, and until you're under, you may not know if you're among them.

The World Allergy Organization has an entire page dedicated to potential allergies to anesthetic agents. After all, there are many different components to an anesthesia. You may be allergic to only one ingredient within it, or the combination of ingredients could be what triggers a reaction. This is why, even if you have past exposure to certain components in anesthesia, you might still exhibit allergic reactions.

Elements in a wrong-site surgery

When Illinois residents go to the hospital for surgery, they trust that the procedure will go well. Sometimes, though, people might realize that their surgeon has operated on the wrong body part. In this this situation, people usually want to understand why this error occurred.

A wrong-site surgery might occur for several reasons. According to Becker's Healthcare, important documents, such as the surgical schedule and patient's history, might sometimes get lost, or the anesthesia provider and surgeon might not have enough verification about a patient's identity. Once a patient gets to the operating room, a member of the surgical team may not confirm the surgical site. Additionally, sometimes surgical staff may not read the documents with the patient's name and procedure. Sometimes mistakes can happen when the surgery is first booked. Some of the information about the patient and the procedure may have been illegible or incorrect or people may have filled out the wrong form.

Bolingbrook Bus Crash Injures 9

On June 18, 2018, around 7:10 p.m., a Pace bus crashed with a passenger car on Boughton Road and Winston Drive in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Bolingbrook police are still investigating the cause of the crash, but the police reported that the bus struck a tree due to the crash. The bus driver became pinned between his seat and the tree, but was eventually freed by first responders. Authorities have not released the identities of the drivers, or if anyone was cited.

Who is responsible if your child is injured in a neighbor’s yard?

You have taught your child to respect other people’s property and not to trespass, but like many children, your child is curious about her surroundings. While playing outside, she went with friends to explore your neighbor’s interesting yard and sustained an injury. Your neighbor says that the children should not have been trespassing, which you understand, but you also know that he has a large amount of dangerous equipment on his property and has not enclosed it with a fence. Like other Illinois residents facing a similar situation, you may wonder if your neighbor shares some of the responsibility.

The law recognizes that curiosity often drives children, especially younger ones, and they may not respect trespassing rules. This is particularly true if there are no clear boundaries separating private property from the rest of the neighborhood. Lawmakers put attractive nuisance laws in place to protect children, knowing that curiosity may draw them to a dangerous situation in someone else’s yard. Your child and others in the neighborhood could face such attractive nuisance hazards as the following:

  • A swimming pool or deep pond in a neighbor’s backyard
  • An aggressive dog chained to a dog house
  • A refuse pit, drainage ditch or uncovered well
  • Power tools and heavy equipment
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    I was struck by a car while cycling and severely, almost fatally injured. A team of excellent medical professionals performed complicated and extensive surgical and medical procedures as part of a successful effort to restore my health....
    -Jeff D.

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    We found Mark [Mathys] through the web after an auto accident in October 2011. While selecting someone you don't know to represent you can be a gamble, we could not have made a better choice....
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    Mark [Mathys] is very professional. He responds almost immediately, via email, to any question, comment or concern I have and if he is not able to respond right away, he will let me know. I have been very satisfied with Mark so far and I am happy to be his client.

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    Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid were very professional and easy to talk to. Prior to working with them, my wife and I had no real experience with the legal system beyond a house closing, yet Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid explained the whole process to us very well. I knew that whenever I had a concern about our case or the legal system in general I could call their office or send an email and receive answers the same day... -Larry

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    I've dealt with attorneys on a variety of issues, almost all of them since leaving college and entering the workplace. Mr. Mathys was the first attorney I had any real experience with, and I was impressed then and remain so. He provided very wise advice and always kept me informed. In the end, he delivered a favorable result. I recommend him highly.
    - Tyler D.

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    Mark [Schneid] is an excellent and skilled attorney and demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the law when he helped settle my dog bite lawsuit resulting from a traumatic incident. He explained what was needed of me and how I should handle the situation in a professional manner.
    - Karen K.

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    Not long ago I was involved in a car accident where I was hit by a gravel truck at an intersection. After I called Mathys & Schneid, even though I didn't have a very large case, they made me feel like I was one of their most important cases. They went to bat for me with the trucking company's insurance and got me a settlement. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. -Dan H.



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