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Bedsores Cause Long-Term Health Problems

Medicaid spends more than $10 billion treating bedsores every year. Bedsores, also called pressure ulcers, can cause severe infection, skin and muscle damage and other complications; in the worst cases, bedsores can lead to death. They take months to heal and can leave someone wholly immobile and hospitalized for extended periods of time.

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Bedsore Areas

Illustration showing bedsore areas

Bedsore Stages

Illustration showing bedsore stages

What Causes Bedsores?

The most common cause of pressure ulcers is immobility. Caring for the elderly or infirm requires a basic maintenance involving moving those who have difficulty moving for themselves. Without this movement, the pressure builds and minute friction will cause sores to open.

If not immediately attended to, those wounds will become larger, more severe and may become infected. Inadequate hydration and malnutrition can further delay healing and worsen existing sores.

How Are They Treated?

When caught early, bedsores can be treated by removing damaged tissue and applying ointments, antibiotics and other familiar treatments. As they become more severe, medical treatment becomes more complex and takes significantly longer. Treatments may include negative pressure therapy (also called vacuum-assisted closure) or surgery.

Even in simple cases, these treatments can cost your family thousands of dollars.

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