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Do I need to wear a helmet on my motorcycle?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you are a new owner of a motorcycle or you have been riding them for years, the risks of driving a motorcycle are no secret. To help combat these risks, Illinois has laws in place that cyclists need to follow to own and operate a motorcycle. One of the biggest questions about these laws is whether or not cyclists need to wear a helmet while driving.

Should you wear your helmet?

In terms of headgear for cyclists, the law only requires that cyclists wear protective eye gear, like goggles. Although the law does not mandate that cyclists wear helmets, there are plenty of reasons to still wear them.

Of course, the most important reason to wear a helmet is for your own health. Considering how little protection a motorcycle offers riders in the event of an accident, helmets are one of the only things you can count on to protect you in a crash.

Additionally, not wearing a helmet may reduce the amount of compensation you earn in a claim. If an insurance company is aware that you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your accident, they may decide that some of the liability in your accident falls on you. This change in liability can be grounds to reduce the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries.

Do not take chances with your health

When motorcycles offer so little protection against accidents, you should do everything in your power to protect your safety on the road. Even if the law does not require you to wear a helmet, you should still wear one. Wearing a helmet protects your health and your ability to secure the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident.