Mark W. Mathys

“What can be more important than helping a person (and their family) whose life has just been turned upside down by injury?  In my mind….nothing” 

My name is Mark W. Mathys, and I take all the injury cases I handle personally.  Several years ago, a driver on a cell phone ran a red light and smashed into my car.  More recently, I was involved in another collision when another vehicle crossed the centerline and hit my car head-on at highway speeds.  Unfortunately, the other driver and his passenger did not survive.  Sustaining injuries in these serious crashes gave me a firsthand look at what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of my clients and to really understand how your entire life (and your family’s) is thrown into utter chaos (both physically and financially) and how important it is for me to help maximize your financial recovery.   

And personally, there’s another benefit to helping those who’ve been hurt. It lets me put the gloves on and fight relentlessly against abusive insurance companies, greedy corporations, and a massive health system that treats an individual more like a number than a human being.  It lets me be on the side of the little guy and to hold those who hurt people, no matter how big they are, accountable for their actions.  I just love it. 

Like I said, I take my cases personally.

And on the really good days, not only do my clients get what they financially deserve, but together we actually get to protect our community.  By standing up and speaking out, we force those responsible for causing injury to be safer in the way they act and do business going forward preventing future injuries and deaths.  

I am proud to call myself a personal injury trial lawyer.

About Mark W. Mathys

As an experienced and respected trial lawyer, Mark has successfully tried over 100 personal injury cases before juries throughout the country, including a then-record multi-million dollar jury verdict for two teenage boys right here in DuPage County, Illinois, one of the nation’s most conservative counties.

Here is what fellow attorneys say about Mark W. Mathys:

“Mark W. Mathys is one of the best lawyers I have come across, and I have been fortunate enough to get to know some of the best in the nation. Mark and I worked on a horrific medical malpractice case together that resulted in a verdict over 1.2 million dollars. We were offered next to nothing to settle the case. Mark spear-headed the trial for over two weeks, proving the doctors that beheaded our client’s premature son during labor were responsible for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she is still suffering from. It was not only an honor to work with Mark on this case, but it was also an invaluable learning experience for me. Mark’s natural ability is only surpassed by his diligent work ethic. I can’t imagine anyone working harder for their clients or getting a better result. If one of my family members was seriously injured, and I thought someone else was responsible, Mark W. Mathys would be the first person I called.”
-Wade Yeoman, Attorney, Louisville, Kentucky

“Mark is one of the finest personal injury lawyers in the area. He is extremely thorough and always achieves the maximum recovery for his clients. If need be, he will take a case to trial and fight for a recovery which is justified. There is no question that he has strong credentials in the legal community for his legal skills and abilities. I highly endorse Mark W. Mathys.”
-Stephen Brundage, Attorney, Wheaton, Illinois

Mark’s clients also recommend him:

“While selecting someone you don’t know to represent you can be a gamble, we could not have made a better choiceMark has had our backs throughout the entire process. Mark has also been doing an outstanding job of keeping our case moving through the legal maze.”
-Dave K., former client

Mr. Mathys was the first attorney I had any real experience with, and I was impressed then and remain so. He provided very wise advice and always kept me informed. In the end, he delivered a favorable result. I recommend him highly.
-Tyler Deaton, former client

I worked with Mark W. Mathys and his team regarding an injury lawsuit. I found that they helped me feel comfortable and explained the situations I would confront during the procedure…I believe their practice is very professional, honest and works with a high degree of integrity. The experience has given me a better understanding of the law and a respect for Mark and his team that practice it.
-Renee Marker, former client

Education and Experience

I graduated with honors from St. Norbert College near Green Bay, but don’t worry, I’ve always remained a die-hard Bears fan.   I then earned my law degree from DePaul University in 1993 and began exclusively handling personal injury cases since that time.  After becoming licensed to practice law in Illinois in 1993, I was admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005, and after successfully trying a medical malpractice case in Louisville, I also became licensed to practice law in Kentucky in 2014, where I still handle many cases.

Beyond the Office

I’m a life-long Chicagoland area resident.  Originally born in Chicago, I grew up in Lockport and went to Joliet Catholic High School.  My parents are now retired but spent their entire work lives as teachers – dad a business professor at DePaul University and mom a dedicated Catholic grade school teacher.  With my parents having summers off work, I was lucky enough to experience yearly National Lampoon Vacation-like road trips throughout North America with my brother and sister.  Ever since then, I love to travel and have visited every state in the U.S. (except Alaska – where I am dying to go!) and numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

I won the lottery when I married my wife, Dee-Dee, who is a court stenographer.  Ironically, we first met when I was traveling to Ghana, West Africa, of all places, for one of my personal injury cases – too long of a story to tell here.  I also have two wonderful and talented kids.  My daughter, Rachel, is married and works as a recreational therapist helping mentally challenged adults and children.  My son, Andrew, recently graduated college where he was an all-conference soccer goalie.  Andrew continues with his love for the game by starting his career as a soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin -Platteville while he is earning his Masters degree in Sports Management.  

When not practicing law, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, traveling, playing golf, working out at the gym and participating in various outdoor activities and events.

Mark W. Mathys CV