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Qualified Legal Representation for Electrical Accidents

Hundreds of electrical accidents occur on construction sites across the United States each year. Many of these accidents occur in the Chicago area and across Illinois. In addition to those accidents that result in deaths by electrocution, others inflict neurological damage and critical burns. Upon investigation, a high percentage of these accidents are found to have been caused by negligence.

If you have been seriously hurt or a family member was killed in an Illinois workplace electrical accident, please do not assume that workers’ compensation is your only avenue for recovery. Your future well-being could depend on your decision to contact a lawyer who will look into all relevant circumstances, enlist specialized experts as necessary and determine the best course of legal action for you.

To learn whether you may be able to hold third parties responsible for your injuries, contact the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid for a free consultation. Call 630-848-9294 or send us a message online. We serve clients in the western suburbs and throughout Illinois.

Finding Answers and Driving Relentlessly for Results

Our electrical accident lawyers are dedicated to finding answers and seeking just compensation for victims of accidents involving:

  • Contact with electrical power lines while working at heights, including crane accidents
  • Faulty wiring, switches or other equipment that caused an electrical fire or someone’s unexpected contact with high-voltage current
  • Malfunctions of defective generators and other power equipment

Rather than rushing to classify your case, we will take the time to look at all factors that may have caused or enabled the accident – from a defective product to inadequate training and supervision of construction workers performing electrical work or exposed to related risks. Our successes extend across the realms of product liability, premises liability and commercial liability litigation.

Work With Attorneys Who Can Build Your Case for Trial

If our accident investigation reveals negligence by someone other than your employer, our law firm is prepared to take decisive legal action and go all the way to trial if needed – as we have done many times before on behalf of serious accident victims. Our attorneys are equally diligent in preparing high-tech presentations to demonstrate what happened in a logical, compelling fashion and in determining an accurate monetary value for your case.

No Attorney Fees Unless We Earn a Settlement or Verdict for You

Whether you are dealing with temporary disability, a work-ending catastrophic injury or the tragic wrongful death of a loved one, we encourage you to request a free consultation with one of our proven, respected lawyers.