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Lawyers Holding Trucking Companies Liable for Negligence

When an 18-wheeler or other large commercial truck causes an accident, injuries to other vehicles’ drivers and passengers are often extremely severe. This constant potential for catastrophic outcomes puts great responsibility in the hands of truck drivers and the companies who put big rigs on the road.

If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident in the western suburbs of Illinois, you can turn to us at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid. Our law firm’s experience in trucking accident cases and high-value litigation against corporate opponents equips us well to pursue your claim for fair and just compensation.

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We Step in to Protect Your Interests

Motivated to protect profits, most trucking companies train their drivers in ways to avoid admitting or revealing liability after a motor vehicle accident. When serious injuries or a wrongful death due to negligence is involved, the trucker may even focus more on eliminating evidence of negligence than on attempting to give victims emergency aid. Insurance company representatives may also rush to the scene to protect their financial interests.

Exposing Negligent Driver Hiring and Inadequate Truck Maintenance

Our Naperville-area truck accident lawyers will move quickly to investigate the scene of your accident, no matter where it occurred. We will consider potential causes and contributing factors such as:

  • Negligent hiring practices by the trucking company, including failure to perform proper background and safety checks on their drivers and provide adequate training
  • Failure to properly maintain the truck that caused your accident, including brakes and other essential components
  • Violations of federal and state trucking laws governing loads, inspections, hours on the road for drivers and other important safety matters

Millions Recovered Through Negotiations and Trials

Our attorneys have represented numerous victims of car-truck collisions, including obtaining one of the largest personal injury verdicts ever awarded in DuPage County – over $6 million for teenagers who suffered brain injuries. The trucking company’s refusal to settle the case made it essential to take it all the way through a jury trial, and our lawyers built and presented a compelling case for our clients.

Get Help Today

We always offer free consultations. You will owe no attorney fees unless we represent you and obtain financial compensation to address your harms and losses. If you were injured in a truck accident in Chicagoland or anywhere in Illinois, then get experienced legal help. Call 630-848-9294 or email us any time, day or night. We can tell you what you can expect and ensure your rights are protected.