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Railroad Injury Attorneys Helping Clients Throughout Illinois

If you must cope with the aftermath of a train accident that harmed you or a family member, we will empathize with the shock and devastation you feel. No one ever expects to be victimized by such a rare event, and you likely have no idea what your legal rights are or how to pursue financial compensation that may be obtainable.

Our veteran Chicago-area personal injury lawyers, Mark W. Mathys and Mark T. Schneid, collaborate extensively on complex train accident cases and those involving other mass transit, and we encourage you to contact us and put our legal team to work on your behalf.

The Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid maintains a network of specialized expert resources to support our case-building efforts, and we handle all our personal injury cases on a contingency basis – so you will pay no attorney fees unless we take your case and win a settlement or favorable verdict.

Dangerous Crossings, Elevated Train Accidents, and On-the-Job Railroading Injuries

Our deep legal experience and professional connections well-qualify us to evaluate your legal options and take action for you after:

  • A car-train collision at a railroad crossing anywhere in the Chicago metro or elsewhere in Illinois
  • Injuries or a wrongful death involving an El train
  • A railroad accident that injured you or a family member on the job as a railroad employee, often justifying a FELA claim and sometimes independent legal action
  • A passenger or commuter train derailment

Our track record includes several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts at trial, as well as hundreds of other sizable recoveries for victims of many types of accidents. We have experience dealing with regulations imposed by the National Transportation Safety Council (NTSC) and other authorities, and we have taken on major corporations and government entities with notable success.

Personal, Focused Attention From Trial-Proven Lawyers

If the life-changing accident you are struggling to deal with received media attention, you may have been contacted by other lawyers. We believe the personal attention we provide – handling all key aspects of each case directly, rather than turning clients over to paralegals – and our reputation for taking strong cases to trial set us apart. Call the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid at 630-848-9294 or send us a message online today.