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Representing Crosswalk Accident Victims Throughout Illinois

Car accidents that injure pedestrians are unfortunately common in Chicago and the western suburbs. When a pedestrian is hit by a car, a truck or another vehicle, it goes without saying that injuries are often severe or catastrophic. Determining what happened may call for skilled, diligent investigation, and recovering maximum financial compensation on your behalf is work for experienced personal injury lawyers.

Whether you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident yourself, are seeking legal counsel for a family member, or are grieving a tragic wrongful death, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Our collaborative, proven team of Naperville, Illinois, pedestrian accident attorneys will put your interests first and give your case the focus it deserves.

Strong in Investigation and Determined to Win a Maximum Recovery

A walker, jogger or child at play does not have to be injured on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk to have a valid insurance claim or cause for legal action against the driver involved in the pedestrian accident. Factors that may play into your case can include:

  • Whether a driver exceeded the speed limit or violated other traffic laws
  • Drunk driving or operating under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs
  • Distracted driving – often due to texting or other cellphone use
  • Contesting allegations that a pedestrian “darted out” or caused the accident through other reckless behavior

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, we go the distance in our investigative efforts, by locating witnesses and calling upon accident reconstructionists with experience in pedestrian cases. Our combined 30 years of experience includes millions in recoveries for victims of brain injury, spinal and back injury, and other disabling and costly outcomes.

Work With Trial-Proven Lawyers Focused on Your Needs

When the insurer or other responsible party refuses to offer a full and fair settlement, we go to trial – a potentially crucial asset after a pedestrian accident, because these cases are often contested.

You can receive dedicated, top-quality legal counsel without any financial risk when you choose to contact our pedestrian accident attorneys. Our law firm is sensitive to our clients’ personal and family needs as well as financial concerns – and you will work with a lawyer, not a paralegal, in your quest to recover and move forward in life. Call 630-848-9294 or send us a message online.