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Holding Mass Transit Providers Accountable for Injuries

Many bus-car collisions and other types of mass transit accidents occur every year in the Chicago metro and our western suburbs. If you are suffering from injuries or grieving a family member’s wrongful death, our Illinois law firm is an excellent resource for legal counsel you can trust.

Our Chicago mass transit injury attorneys know how to pursue claims against municipal authorities and transportation companies, as we have demonstrated in many high-stakes cases. Please contact us now for a free, no-risk consultation on your potential claim.

Caring Advocacy After a Collision

We engage personally with each client we represent, offering genuine understanding of emotional challenges as well as medical costs and other financial issues. Our mass transit injury lawyers are equipped to help you pursue maximum compensation after:

  • A traffic accident involving a Chicago Transit Authority or Regional Transit Authority bus hitting your vehicle or striking you as a pedestrian or bicyclist
  • An accident aboard a city bus, suburban bus, elevated train or other mass transit vehicle, whether due to starting too fast, stopping short, driver distraction or other factors
  • Attacks at bus stops or other serious events that could be prevented with greater care by a bus driver or other responsible party

Proven Lawyers Who Grasp Relevant Laws and Key Factors

Not every personal injury attorney has the experience and resources to take effective action for you after a mass transit accident impacts your life. We understand legal nuances specific to “common carrier” accidents that may be pivotal for your recovery, including:

  • The higher duty of care that applies to all types of vehicles operated by common carriers such as the CTA, RTA, Greyhound and others
  • Requirements for bus drivers to protect passengers in situations such as the presence of hostile-appearing people at a bus stop, or when a fight breaks out on the bus
  • Specific notice statutes for prompt legal action – such as one requiring claims against the CTA to be filed within six months

You can trust our mass transit injury lawyers to take your situation seriously and treat you with respect. When you meet with us, you will speak directly with an attorney who wants to know exactly what happened, and who will work tenaciously to achieve a positive outcome for you. The Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid serves all communities throughout Chicagoland. Call 630-848-9294 or email us to learn how we can help you.