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Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the Needs of Injured Bicyclists

Whatever our choice of transportation, we depend on other drivers to share the road and exercise caution. This becomes especially important when riding a bicycle. Even bicyclists who wear protection and ride with care are vulnerable to devastating injuries if hit by a car or truck.

The Naperville-area bicycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid are prepared to investigate what happened to you and take legal action on your behalf. Contact our law firm now so that we can move quickly and recover evidence that might otherwise be lost.

Proving Fault and Demonstrating the Full Impact of Injuries

Throughout the Chicago metro and western suburbs, bicycling is on the rise. All too often, the consequences of a car-bike collision are life-changing for the cyclist, including head or brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures and other disabling outcomes.

We know how to prove negligence and pursue all sources of financial compensation to help you pay medical expenses, recover lost wages and deal with other aspects of the aftermath of a bicycle accident resulting in serious personal injury or untimely death.

Patient and Helpful to You, but Prepared to Fight the Opposition

Our bicycle accident lawyers understand traffic laws, different forms of insurance and how to show fault in a bicycle accident. Essentially, as long as a bicyclist keeps proper lookout, he or she has the same rights as all other drivers on the road. Even if your accident was with an electric scooter, you may have a case.

You may have a valid claim against the driver’s liability insurance – or a homeowners uninsured motorist policy of your own – after a bike accident that:

  • Involves your child or any other vulnerable person not licensed to drive a car
  • Occurs when a car pulls out of an alley without yielding properly, striking a bicycle on the street or sidewalk
  • Can be attributed to distracted driving, intoxicated driving or a variety of other circumstances

Benefit From a Free Consultation and Representation on Contingency

Fast action can be critical to recovering maximum compensation after any traffic accident. Schedule a no-risk, free consultation today via email. Or contact us by calling 630-848-9294.