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Vaping And E-Cigarette Dangers

How You Can Recover From Vaping Illnesses And Injuries

E-cigarettes have become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking in recent years. Companies often marketed these products as a “safe” alternative, but recent medical cases are beginning to prove otherwise. If you believe that you have received an injury or illness from vaping, we at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid can help you pursue compensation.

An E-cigarette is a handheld device with a rechargeable battery. The device uses a vaporizer (which is the source of the alternative name “vape”) to heat the added oil into a vapor, which the user inhales. One of the appeals of vaping is the wide array of “flavors” that patrons can choose from in their oil selection. Whether the devise you use contains nicotine or not, they are just as dangerous all the same.

How Vaping Can Harm You

Vapes are a unique product that can threaten your health through both injury and illness. It is important to know just how exactly a vape can harm you, and our lawyers want to help you learn more about the ways:

  • Illness: There is a lot more in “vape juice” than you might expect. One of the common chemicals in the oil is acrolein, a common component in weed killers. Inhalation of these vaporized oils are showing to cause lung and heart disease, some of the illnesses that vapers were looking to avoid from cigarettes.
  • Injury: One of the most common injuries that E-cigarettes are causing is hard to believe as true. The batteries inside these devises are now known to explode, dealing critical damage inside a person’s pocket, their mouth, or hands. These serious burns and tissue damage can deal damage in the form of nerve damage, speech impediments, or worse.

Act Now To Defend Yourself

If you suffered an injury or illness as a result of vaping, act now to seek the compensation you deserve. More and more class action lawsuits are appearing against vape manufacturers, and you cannot afford to waste another moment to seek what you deserve. If you need an experienced Illinois attorney, and you are in the Naperville area, contact our office today. Call 630-848-9294 to schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer you can rely on today.