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Legal Help for Those Suffering From Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) refers to the symptoms that a person may experience after suffering a concussion. PCS may be the most common condition diagnosed in people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and can include symptoms that range from memory loss to mood swings, many of which cannot be gauged by brain scans and other tests.

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, our Illinois lawyers have decades of experience handling PCS cases related to car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, as well as other acts of negligence.

No Two Cases Are Alike

There is no formula for the symptoms that a person with post-concussion syndrome will suffer. One person may experience only one symptom, but that symptom could be short-term memory loss that absolutely changes his or her ability to function. Another person may suffer from a mix of symptoms such as depression and dizziness that, by themselves, might not have had a significant impact, but together are life-changing.

Our law firm works with medical experts to understand your case. We will work with you to find out how your medical condition has had an impact on you. We will pursue full compensation for you.

We Get Results Against All Odds

The fact that post-concussion syndrome may not show up on a brain scan is a challenge, but it is a challenge that we have overcome time and time again. Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for people like you.

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