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Nursing Home Neglect Can Lead To Malnutrition

When no one is paying attention, your loved one may not eat or may not eat healthily. If they aren’t given a healthy diet, their health can easily suffer. Malnutrition can lead to weakened bones and organs, nausea and fatigue or other illness.

Our community trusts our nursing homes and health care providers to take care of our loved ones’ basic needs. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid help families like yours resolve negligence and abuse claims in a systematic and efficient way. We want to help you receive a full and complete settlement.

Malnutrition Is Costly

Inadequate nutrition leads to a wide variety of issues. If your family member is not receiving proper nutrition, it can lead to many health problems. These health issues may lead to mounting medical costs and include:

  • Fees for initial medical examinations, tests and diagnosis
  • Rehabilitation care or physical therapy
  • Dietician fees
  • Transportation, hospitalization and housing fees
  • Time off work to care for your loved one

It isn’t always easy to treat malnutrition. A better diet will help in the long-term but likely won’t solve immediate complications or resolve permanent damage to organs or muscles. Our lawyers are experienced with neglect and abuse claims and can help you fully account for the long-term cost of your loved one’s worsening medical condition.

Our Office Holds Nursing Homes Accountable

Our knowledgeable attorneys practice in Chicago, Naperville and the surrounding area. We will help you build the strongest case possible and get the best possible solution in place for your loved one. You only pay us if you get a settlement.

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