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Lack Of Supervision That Allows Wandering Is Neglect

The number of Alzheimer’s and dementia-related deaths increases every year. For example, the increase in these deaths from 2017-2018 was 68 percent. This statistic draws attention to the fact that more people living in nursing facilities suffer memory-related issues and can easily wander or become disoriented or lost. Skilled nursing facilities are meant to protect our loved ones from exactly this outcome.

When these facilities fail, they can be held accountable for this neglect. Though we wish we could say otherwise, our attorneys at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid see this breach of duty all too often. We can help your family obtain compensation if nursing home neglect leads to an injury.

The Dangers Associated With Lack Of Supervision

When a family member is left unsupervised, that person becomes vulnerable to a host of harms. For persons with cognitive impairments, intellectual disabilities or who are unable to communicate, the harms can double or triple in magnitude.

A person who is unsupervised or who gets lost may be injured due to:

  • Common household items they normally wouldn’t be able to access, for example chemicals/household poisons, sharp instruments like blenders or heavy furniture
  • Cars or other automobiles
  • Exposure to extreme weather without proper protection
  • Inability to access food, water or necessary medications

If you suspect neglect, share your concerns with us. Our lawyers can ensure you have the resources to pay related medical bills, additional long-term nursing care and other costs.

With more than 30 years of experience, our lawyers know how to hold nursing homes accountable for neglect. You do not pay unless we obtain a settlement.

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