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Bone Fractures, Breaks and Falls Are Serious Injuries

Falling or slipping can cause bone fractures, breaks or other injuries. These can result in spinal injuries, broken hips, internal bruising or other serious health issues. Fractures and injuries can cause significant problems for the elderly or disabled, especially when they lead to lost movement, health injuries and medical costs. Electric scooters such as Bird and Lime are the cause of more injuries in urban areas.

When your loved ones are injured as a result of a nursing home or care facility’s inattention or lack of maintenance, your family is entitled to compensation. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid are experienced in personal injuries ready to bring your suit and maximize your settlement.

When Is a Fall, Fracture or Injury the Result of Negligence or Abuse?

Illinois has one of the highest rates for nursing home abuse and neglect. State law defines abuse as an injury “inflicted on a resident other than by accidental means” and defines neglect as a failure to provide adequate physical, medical or maintenance care to a resident.

Your loved one may have cause for a neglect or abuse claim from a fall if their injury is the result of understaffing or inadequate supervision or the failure to mark slick or wet areas.

Attorneys Who Stand Strong

Businesses and insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement when things go wrong. Signing on a dotted line without a full medical examination can, however, lead to underestimates. Your loved one could be more seriously injured than you immediately realize.

With more than 30 years of experience in personal injury law, our legal team has the tools needed to maximize your settlement and, when needed, represent you at trial. We are committed to making sure you get the most compensation possible. You do not pay unless we win your case.

Begin your consultation and have an attorney review the details of your case, email us or call our Chicago and Naperville offices at 630-848-9294. We answer inquiries all day, every day.