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Lime, Bird And Other Electric Scooter Injuries

Electric scooters seem to provide a quick and affordable way to get around the city. But are they safe?

Electric Scooter Injuries Are On The Rise

In major cities in the United States injuries associated with accidents on electric scooters are increasing. These injuries, including dislocations, head injuries, bone fractures, lung contusions, soft-tissue injuries and internal organ damage.

Common Causes Of Electric Scooter Rider Injuries

Most injuries are caused by a rider who fell off the scooter, collided with an object, or was hit by a vehicle.

But scooters also posed a hazard for pedestrians. Almost 10 percent of those injured were injured because they tripped over a dangerously placed scooter, were injured while moving a scooter, or were hit by a rider on a scooter.

Experienced Injury Attorneys

  • If you were seriously hurt while riding a Lime, Bird or any other public use electric scooter, we have the experience, skill and proven record of success to help.
  • We can also assist you if you were walking or biking and were hit or injured by someone driving a scooter.
  • We know the steps to take if you suffered an injury because a scooter was dangerously placed near a doorway, on a sidewalk or even in a roadway.

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We represent people injured on Bird, Bolt, grüv, JUMP, Lime, Lyft, Sherpa, Spin, VeoRide and Wheel scooters.