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Our Lawyers Represent People Hurt in Unsafe Stairway Accidents

Anyone who has ever fallen down a stairway and avoided severe injury should feel extremely fortunate. Many severe, permanently disabling injuries occur this way – as we have found many times in decades of legal advocacy for victims of dangerous property conditions.

If you have suffered serious injury in a fall on a stairway and believe the property owner failed to correct a defect that caused your accident, please contact us now at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid. We stand ready to investigate and offer solid legal guidance based on decades of experience handling valid premises liability cases in Illinois.

Send us a message online or call 630-848-9294. We serve clients in Naperville, throughout the western suburbs and across Illinois.

Did a Property Owner Ignore a Known Dangerous Condition or Local Building Codes?

Valid premises liability claims involving unsafe stairways may involve conditions such as:

  • The lack of hand railings on one or both sides
  • Inadequate lighting to guide people down the stairs and make obstacles visible
  • Irregularities and defects such as inconsistent stair “rise” heights and stair widths, missing steps or broken steps
  • Frayed or slick stairway carpeting that creates a significant fall risk

Many such conditions are building code violations, and demonstrating that a property owner was out of compliance can significantly strengthen your case for financial compensation. You can count on our Aurora and Joliet unsafe stairway accident attorneys to research specific codes for the location where your accident occurred and to:

  • Move quickly to collect any available photographic evidence of the dangerous condition and witness accounts of the defect’s existence or your fall
  • Hire and deploy any necessary experts
  • Take all necessary steps to show the current and likely future costs and other consequences of your severe injuries

Benefit From Our Decades of Personal Injury Experience

A key practical consideration is whether applicable insurance coverage is in place, and you can count on our legal team to investigate this issue and base our guidance on your real-world likelihood of winning compensation.

For the legal counsel you need after a serious slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, request a free consultation with our respected law firm today. For immediate help call 630-848-9294.