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The Duty to Keep You Safe on Another’s Property

In the aftermath of a violent assault, most victims must focus on recovery from serious physical injuries and emotional trauma. Costly medical treatment and lost income also have tremendous financial consequences, however, and victims may not even consider the possibility of recovering compensation through a lawsuit against the owner of the property where the attack occurred.

If you have been assaulted, you may be eligible for compensation if a property owner did not take steps to keep you safe. Learn more during a free consultation with the attorneys at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid. Call 630-848-9294 or contact us online.

Should the Crime Against You Have Been Prevented or Stopped?

Under Illinois law, commercial and residential property owners have an obligation to take all reasonable measures to keep people legally on the property safe. Conditions and circumstances that may qualify as security negligence include:

  • Broken locks, doors and windows in an apartment complex that enable criminal intruders to enter
  • Failures by bouncers or security personnel to prevent or intervene in bar fights
  • A lack of adequate lighting, surveillance cameras, security patrols or other available measures to deter attacks in an area of known criminal activity

Turn to an Experienced Law Firm With a Track Record of Success

Our experienced personal injury lawyers, Mark W. Mathys and Mark T. Schneid, have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients through premises liability litigation in Naperville and throughout Illinois. We have the knowledge to evaluate your potential claim’s likelihood of success based on prior legal cases and a comprehensive understanding of insurance coverage.

A valid security negligence case may arise from a random attack, hate crime, mugging, rape or homicide. The location might be a motel, shopping center, store, school, airport, parking ramp or almost anywhere else. We frequently travel throughout our area for thorough investigation and case building on our clients’ behalf.

Discuss Your Legal Rights and Potential Premises Liability Case

How can you find out if you have a valid inadequate security case? We encourage you to contact us now and take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of Illinois premises liability law, gained through decades of experience seeking justice for injury victims. Email us or call 630-848-9294 today.

If we take your case, that means we believe in it and intend to win. You will owe us no fees at all unless we succeed in obtaining a financial settlement or civil trial verdict that benefits you.