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Compensation for Injuries Due to Slips on Ice and Snow

The challenge of walking safely on ice and through snow is an unavoidable fact of life every Illinois winter. Not every injury-causing fall justifies legal action against the property owner – but some do. If you believe your serious fall was caused by negligence, it is essential to contact an experienced premises liability lawyer who can accurately evaluate your potential claim.

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, we have successfully obtained sizable compensation for many slip-and-fall victims in the Chicago metro area and western suburbs. Our Illinois attorneys know the relevant laws, and when we take on a case, we do so with every intent to win for our valued client.

Let us show you how we can help you if you have been injured because a property owner failed to take care of a sidewalk or parking lot. Call 630-848-9294 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Experienced, Informed Evaluation of Your Potential Claim

Essential components of your claim for financial compensation will typically include proving that your injuries are serious and that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable care to protect people lawfully on the property. Solid cases involving falls on ice and snow usually hinge on showing an “unnatural accumulation” and known dangerous condition caused by:

  • An area on a sidewalk or in a parking lot that does not drain, creating puddles and ice-covered areas
  • Improperly placed downspouts or gutters that direct water runoff to an area in front of a doorway, onto a sidewalk or onto an outdoor stairway, for example
  • Slippery conditions inside a store or other commercial establishment – with no warnings posted or reasonable effort to clean up and keep patrons safe

Trial Attorneys You Can Trust to Build the Best Possible Case for You

Fast action is often vital to the success of a legitimate premises liability claim or lawsuit. Given the opportunity, our law firm will move quickly to examine the scene of your slip-and-fall accident before the dangerous condition has been addressed. Photographic evidence and witness accounts can be invaluable, and we are adept at presenting this evidence in a compelling fashion in negotiations, mediation or the courtroom.

Contact Us for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

To speak with a Joliet ice-and-snow accident lawyer who will take you seriously and treat you with care and respect, contact our law firm now: 630-848-9294. You may also email us about your potential case. We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of serious falls, and we will do our best for you, beginning with a free case evaluation.