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Has Your Child Been Injured by a Defective Car Seat?

For most parents, merely thinking about the possibility of injury to their child is traumatic. If your child has been injured or tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident, we will empathize and strive to help in any way we can.

Our team of Illinois attorneys is dedicated to investigating every possible angle on car accident and child injury cases – including whether a recalled or otherwise defective child seat was a contributing factor.

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Thorough Investigation Into Car Seat Safety and Other Injury Causes

Generally speaking, manufacturers are obligated by law to prioritize safety and consumer protection in how they build and market their products. Our car seat recall attorneys bring experience building compelling arguments based on many forms of negligence.

An alarming number of infant and child car seat and booster seat models have been recalled for safety reasons such as:

  • Belts and clips that slip, break or otherwise fail under the stress inherent to a roadway collision
  • Poorly positioned components proven to contribute to severe head and neck injuries
  • Other basic design deficiencies that allow too much head movement or put too much stress on other body parts to reasonably protect the child from serious injury

Whether or not the car seat that played a role in your child’s injuries has been subject to a recall, our law firm may be able to base your case for damages on incorrect installation instructions, improper labeling for age and weight restrictions, or other factors.

Serious defects are not isolated to “off-brand” or “economy” child safety seats. Car seat defects and recalls have extended to virtually every major manufacturer of these products – including Graco, Evenflo, Dorel and Britax, to name a few. Factory-installed seats available from auto manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota have also been subject to recalls and advisory letters.

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