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Increasing Public Awareness and Bringing Scrutiny to Accidents Caused by Tire Defects

When millions of Bridgestone and Firestone brand tires were recalled in 2001, public awareness of the term “tread separation” rose dramatically. This recall took place only after many deaths and severe injuries occurred due to tire blowouts and resultant accidents, primarily involving SUVs and pickups.

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, attorneys Mark W. Mathys and Mark T. Schneid have decades of experience investigating tire blowout cases and other Illinois motor vehicle accidents of all types. We pursue maximum compensation for victims in the Chicago metro area and western suburbs.

Do you suspect that tire tread separation played a role in your accident? The attorneys of Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid understand tire defects cases. To learn more about us, call 630-848-9294 or contact us online. We offer free consultations.

Proven Results for Auto Defect Claims

Our law firm has obtained positive results for our Illinois clients in a range of motor vehicle defect cases, leveraging our negotiating skills and proven trial capabilities as well as technologically advanced presentation techniques. Our firm’s experience extends to numerous serious injury and wrongful death cases with recoverable damages in the six- or seven-figure range.

Among our success stories is a confidential settlement for a client who suffered a closed head injury when an SUV crashed and rolled in Ghana, West Africa, due to a tire tread separation. We filed suit against a well-known SUV and tire manufacturer and reached a settlement during mediation.

Extensive Knowledge of Tire Manufacturing Defects, Recalls and Consequences

Working with top-quality accident reconstructionists and other experts as necessary, our lawyers are well-prepared to pursue your valid claim involving:

  • A Ford Explorer or other SUV or van rollover accident that may have been caused by a tire blowout in conjunction with the vehicle’s high center of gravity and inherent instability
  • Any other type of car accident that proves to involve tires made of contaminated or inadequately cured rubber – or poor adhesion between tire rubber and steel belts
  • Actions against service facilities and tire retailers that sell age-degraded tires susceptible to tread separation, sidewall blowouts or inflation problems

Our tire recall lawyers stay current on breaking news and ongoing developments involving all kinds of tire defects and recalls as well as other auto design deficiencies. We are aware of viable claims against Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental Tire, Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, Dunlop and various manufacturers of tires made in China and other foreign nations.

Free Consult With an Experienced, Caring Lawyer

We encourage you to contact us after any serious auto accident changes in your life to protect your rights and determine if legal action is valid and likely to succeed. We know the right questions to ask and the best legal strategies for compelling powerful corporations to take responsibility for negligence. To speak with someone right away about your case call 630-848-9294 or email us, and we will respond promptly.