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The Devastating Problem Regarding Surgical Errors

Undergoing surgery is a significant event under almost any circumstances, and most people are aware that even a surgical procedure described as minor or routine has known risks. When a surgical procedure goes badly wrong, however, the reason is often an error that has nothing to do with those known risks. Our experienced law firm can help people determine whether they are victims of surgical errors.

To discuss a suspected mistake that occurred before, during or after surgery, please call 630-848-9294 or email the Naperville surgical error lawyers at the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid.

Our respected Chicago metro legal team has the insight, access to expert resources and sheer determination to assess what happened to you or a family member in the operating room. If an Illinois doctor or other medical professional failed to follow applicable standards of care and you emerged as a victim, our law firm will aggressively pursue your right to financial compensation.

Thorough Investigation Into Causes of Surgical Injury or Wrongful Death

We are prepared to pursue valid claims for surgeon malpractice, hospital negligence or other forms of harmful medical conduct and poor performance. Surgical errors that may justify a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit come in many forms, including:

  • Unintended perforation or other damage to organs and blood vessels
  • Anesthesia application errors
  • Operation on the wrong organ or limb, due to misreading of scans or X-rays or a serious oversight by a rushed or distracted surgeon
  • Postoperative infections or other avoidable complications resulting from unsterile conditions, leaving instruments or other objects in the body cavity, or other violations of the standard of care

It can be an imposing challenge to distinguish between “normal complications” of surgery and surgical errors that should have been prevented. Our surgical error attorneys know how to investigate these situations, call upon the right experts, and take all other actions necessary to overcome that challenge. We negotiate based on solid evidence and argument, and we take our cases to trial when no fair settlement is offered.

High Standards for Our Own Professionalism and Performance

We never pursue frivolous claims against medical professionals. Our own professional standards mean we take on valid cases we believe in and intend to win. We have many past clients who can attest to our determined effort and focus on meaningful results that benefit injured individuals and grieving families.

Please schedule a free consultation today to discuss your legal options for obtaining compensation after a surgical error.