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When Misdiagnosis Is All That Matters

Has a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis worsened your own or a family member’s serious illness such as cancer, a heart condition or a brain injury?

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid in Naperville, Illinois, we take our clients’ concerns seriously and provide dedicated, personal attention from a free consultation through every phase of the case. We are proven medical malpractice attorneys with a strong track record including a high six-figure verdict at trial in a case hinging on a doctor’s failure to deal with postnatal complications.

Suffering due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose your condition? Contact our Aurora medical misdiagnosis lawyers today to discuss any concern that a doctor missed what was wrong with you or a loved one, adversely affecting the outcome. Call 630-848-9294 or contact us online.

In other cases, our law firm delivered quality representation for Illinois victims and families after:

  • Failure to diagnose a young boy’s meningitis, resulting in irreversible hearing loss
  • Failure to diagnose a 50-year-old woman’s lack of blood flow to the brain, causing vision loss and permanent brain injury
  • Failure to diagnose a woman’s fungal lung infection, ultimately resulting in premature death

Unfortunately, many diagnostic errors involve life-threatening conditions such as cancer and susceptibility to heart attack. When the circumstances are this serious, you need legal counsel you can trust to represent your best interests with focus and determination.

Enforcing Accountability for Harm

We understand people’s reluctance to file suit against doctors with whom they may have had long-standing relationships. Our opponents are the medical malpractice insurers and others who refuse to take responsibility when mistakes have devastating effects on individuals and families.

Medical technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, and standards of care must be based on current capabilities. When we meet someone who has suffered due to medical malpractice, we approach the potential case with due judgment but also with care and sensitivity.

No Attorney Fees Unless We Take Your Case and Win Compensation for You. Call 630-848-9294.

Our lawyers will treat you with empathy and respect when you are the victim of a doctor’s failure to diagnose a disease or debilitating condition. We will not entrust your case to paralegals, but we do have caring professional staff on hand to help make sure you stay informed and involved. For a free consultation to assess your legal options, please contact our law firm now.