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We Fight for Those Injured by Anesthesiologist Malpractice

Anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists bear tremendous responsibility when they assess a patient and administer powerful drugs. As you may have discovered painfully or tragically, an anesthesia error can have a devastating, irreversible outcome. At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, we have won millions in compensation for medical malpractice and other personal injury victims, building extensive knowledge of surgical procedures and applicable standards of care.

Please call 630-848-9294 or contact us online for honest, informed legal counsel. Our veteran attorneys, based in Naperville and Chicago and focused on the western suburbs, have qualifications essential to representing you after an anesthesia error has changed your life.

Knowledge of Medical Procedures and Anesthesiologist Responsibilities

Reviewing all available information on patient history, selecting the optimum anesthesia, and calculating dosage accurately are all essential pre-surgical steps. Serious anesthesia errors have occurred due to failures such as:

  • Not reviewing patient risks and history, including when he or she last ingested food or whether other drugs are present in the patient’s system
  • An anesthesia overdose – or insufficient dosage to remain effective throughout a surgical procedure
  • Inadequate monitoring of the patient under anesthesia

No-Risk Representation for the Seriously Injured and Grieving

These and other anesthesia mistakes can have a variety of severe effects, ranging from permanent brain damage and cognitive problems to paralysis and even a preventable and wrongful death. We will investigate and assess whether legal action is justified against the anesthesiologist, supervising doctor, hospital or other facility, or other parties at fault in your case.

In accomplished careers covering a collective 30-plus years, our attorneys Mark W. Mathys and Mark T. Schneid have developed a strong network of qualified medical experts and consultants. We are trial-proven Illinois medical malpractice lawyers, experienced in overcoming insurers’ arguments and techniques to win maximum compensation for our clients – however great the effort and endurance required.

It will cost you nothing to speak with an attentive lawyer ready to evaluate whether you have a case. If the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid is able to represent you in a valid malpractice claim, you will owe us no attorney fees unless we negotiate a financial settlement or win a verdict that benefits you. Email us or call 630-848-9294.