Many drivers choose to tint their windows for one reason or another. Not only can they make a car look sleeker, but they can also help with blocking UV rays and keeping the inside of the vehicle cooler. 

Drivers in Illinois must pay close attention to the laws regarding window tints, as tints can have an impact on both car accident claims and insurance. 

What Are the Window Tint Laws in Illinois?

Window tints range in darkness. Visible light transmission (VLT) indicates the percentage of light that can penetrate through the tint. Typically, the lower the percentage, the darker the tints. 

Drivers are only allowed to have a certain percentage of window tints on their vehicle windows in Illinois. Illinois law provides guidance for legal window tinting, depending on the type of vehicle.

On sedans, Illinois law dictates the following:

  • Windshield: Only the top six inches of the windshield can be tinted
  • Front Side Windows: Tint cannot be lower than 35%
  • Back Side Windows: Tint cannot be lower than 35%
  • Rear Window: Tint cannot be lower than 35%

On SUVs and vans, Illinois law provides the following:

  • Windshield: Only the top six inches of the windshield can be tinted
  • Front Side Windows: Tint cannot be lower than 35%
  • Back Side Windows: There is no limit on tint darkness
  • Rear Windows: Tints can be any darkness

Tints can also be reflective with particles of metallic in them, as this helps reduce heat. However, not just any type of reflective tint can be used anywhere on the vehicle.

Additional Guidelines on Window Tinting in Illinois

In general, the law states that window tints must be “non-reflective.” There is no specificity as to what this means, but to err on the side of caution, drivers should ensure their tints have no reflective material in them.

There are also additional guidelines regarding window tints in Illinois, including:

  • Side Mirrors: If the back window is tinted, dual side mirrors are required
  • Tint Colors: The law does not restrict or ban any specific tint colors
  • Certification: Window tint does not need to be certified by manufacturers 
  • Stickers: No stickers are required to indicate car window tints are legal
  • Medical Exceptions: Special tints are allowed in Illinois for medical needs

Following the state’s laws regarding window tints can save drivers the hassle and money spent on potential penalties.

Penalties for Violating Illinois Laws on Window Tinting

Violating Illinois law for window tints the first time is considered to be a petty offense, with a potential fine ranging from $50 to $500. Subsequent offenses are considered Class C misdemeanors with fines ranging from $100 to $500. 

Could Tinted Windows Affect an Illinois Car Accident Claim?

In some cases, window tints can actually play a part in traffic accidents. If you’re involved in a car accident, and the other driver had illegal tints on their vehicle, you can use that factor to further prove their liability. 

For example, you’re driving at night through a four-way stop, and the other driver runs the stop sign and crashes into you. You could potentially argue that the darkness of their tints made it difficult for them to see the sign, therefore causing them to crash into you. 

Not only is the liable party facing potential issues because of their tints, but car insurance rates are also likely to go up for the illegal window tints. 

Seek Assistance from a Naperville Car Accident Lawyer If Window Tints Contributed To a Collision

After a car accident, you should refer to a qualified attorney for assistance, especially if you believe the other driver’s window tints could have played a role in causing your collision. A lawyer can handle your claim, obtain evidence to prove the other party’s fault, and help you obtain a favorable outcome. 

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