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2 reasons you’ll have bills when you didn’t cause the crash

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

The average American household does not have enough savings to absorb the cost of a car crash. Depending on how much damage it does to your vehicle and how major your injuries are, a car crash could mean that you have to buy a new vehicle and pay tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

At the same time, if your injuries are bad enough, you may not be able to work. During that difficult time, you will turn to the car insurance coverage carried by the other driver. The liability insurance program in Illinois mandates coverage for everyone with a registered vehicle.

However, the people affected by crashes often discover that insurance will not pay for all of their expenses. When isn’t insurance sufficient after an Illinois car crash?

  1. When someone buys the least insurance they can

Although insurance protects the person buying the policy, many people don’t carry enough insurance to truly protect themselves. They just buy what the state requires of them and nothing more.

When a driver has a basic policy in accordance with Illinois law, you could be in a situation where you need to replace your brand-new vehicle and only have $20,000 worth of coverage. The bodily injury liability coverage requirements aren’t much better.

If you are the only person who gets hurt, the other driver could have just $25,000 worth of coverage. For crashes with multiple people injured, the minimum coverage amount goes up to $50,000, but everyone has to share those benefits. You could also get hurt by a driver without a

  1. When they have catastrophic injuries

Even a broken leg could put you outside of what insurance will cover after an Illinois car crash. However, some people experience severe injuries that dwarf even more robust insurance coverage. Traumatic brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries and fatal injuries can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term losses.

Regardless of how much a crash costs someone, an insurance company will never pay more than the applicable policy limit given the circumstances of the collision. When there is a situation involving bad insurance or unusually high losses, those affected by a crash often need to look into options other than just insurance for paying their expenses and recouping their lost income. Considering a personal injury lawsuit may become necessary after a motor vehicle collision.