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What are common nursing home injuries that affect residents?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence

Individuals move into nursing homes to protect themselves or because their family members convince them it is necessary to have professional support. Even a shared room in a nursing home costs thousands of dollars a month, so it makes total sense that your family would expect your loved one to receive excellent care for those costs.

However, the unfortunate truth is that many nursing homes provide mediocre or even inadequate care. Some nursing homes endanger their residents by exposing them to neglect and even abuse. What are some of the more common nursing home injuries that are a warning sign of poor care at a facility?

Injuries from falls

A fall at home is often the precipitating event that leads to someone living in a nursing home. Family members know they cannot be there around the clock to meet someone’s needs, like going to the bathroom, so they seek out professional help.

Sadly, inadequate staffing at nursing homes often means that residents still try to do everything without the support they need. According to data reported by the Society of Trauma Nurses, as many as three out of every hour adults in nursing homes will fall every year.


Bedsores or pressure ulcers are injuries that start as red spots on the skin and can eventually cause damage to the muscle and connective tissue nearby. Bed sores are painful and can lead to debilitating infections.

With proper movement and cushioning, even those who are bedridden can avoid the development of pressure ulcers in most cases, but active support by nursing home staff will be crucial. Bedsores are a sign that someone is not getting the attention that they deserve, especially if they have progressed beyond the earliest stages.


Lice, bed bugs and scabies can run rampant at nursing homes if staff members don’t engage in adequate cleaning. When there aren’t enough workers on hand, cleanliness may take a backseat to meeting the bare minimum care standards for the residents.

When you look at nursing homes for a loved one, injured residents, dirty spaces and limited staff availability are all red flags of possible inadequate care standards. If you believe your loved one has endured neglect or abuse, documenting their experiences and speaking up on their behalf could help you protect them.

Recognizing and fighting back against nursing home neglect and abuse will protect the vulnerable older people that you love.