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Places where cars may be more likely to hit bicyclists

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

In many cases, bicyclists have just as much right to use the road as motorists. However, there are some places where vehicle drivers might be particularly liable to create dangerous conditions for bicycle riders through inattentiveness or negligence.

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable compared to drivers inside motor vehicles. You can protect yourself and others from catastrophic injury by being extra careful in places where cars are more likely to hit bicycle riders.

Intersection crossings

When stopped at an intersection, motorists direct their attention toward watching for oncoming traffic in the form of other cars. A bicycle transitioning from a sidewalk into an intersection crossing may go unnoticed, especially if the bicycle is traveling at a high speed.

Parking lots

Most drivers are particularly wary of pedestrians when traversing a parking lot, but they might not think to check for bicyclists. It is especially dangerous when a bicycle rider quickly emerges from between rows of parked vehicles.


Highways and other straight stretches of road can be risky areas for bicyclists. Drivers might approach at high speeds or impatiently trail too close behind the bicycle. In some cases, motorists might try to pass the bicyclist and end up colliding with the bicycle or pushing them off to the roadside.

The National Safety Council reports 806 bicyclist deaths from motor vehicle crashes in 2020. Considering the relative infrequency of bicycle traffic compared to other vehicles on the road, this is a staggering statistic that everyone can work to lower by keeping good safety habits.