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3 kinds of compensation families seek in wrongful death claims

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Wrongful Death

Losing a member of your immediate family is a devastating experience. It may completely alter your family dynamics and financial circumstances. The grief you experience may persist for years and impact all of your other relationships.

When you believe that another person or possibly a business is to blame for your family’s tragedy, it is only natural to want to seek justice. Even when the circumstances do not meet the necessary criteria for the state to prosecute the responsible party, civil law can provide you with justice.

A wrongful death lawsuit is a powerful tool for those grieving the recent loss of a family member. By requesting financial compensation from the party to blame for your loss, you create penalties for them while reducing the long-term impact situation has on your family. What kind of losses can you claim in an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit?

Pain and suffering over your loss

The way you feel after losing a loved one can be hard to put in words, let alone convert to a financial figure. However, state law does allow those grieving a recent loss to ask for compensation for their pain and suffering as part of their wrongful death claim.

Loss of support, guidance and services

Family members don’t just provide income. They also provide companionship and personal support. They also help maintain your home, care for your children and manage your household. Those unpaid services have a financial value on the labor market, and you can claim that value in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Loss of financial support

Your loved one may have had decades of lucrative employment ahead of them when they died. You can potentially ask for not just the wages they won’t earn but also the benefits they can no longer provide to your family.

For some people, it may feel crass to try to put a financial value on their sense of grief or their loved one’s role in their life. However, there is nothing inappropriate or insensitive about holding someone accountable when they cause the untimely and preventable death of someone you love. Learning more about wrongful death claims in Illinois can help your family seek justice.