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Why do truck accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often make the news because of their potentially devastating nature. A tractor-trailer could overturn, causing massive delays on highways. Worse, truck accidents might result in fatalities, a typical result when thousands of pounds of moving machinery crash into a much smaller vehicle. Why do truck accidents typically happen in Illinois and elsewhere? A few common reasons contribute to truck calamities in the United States.

The reasons for truck accidents

Concerns about truck accidents are not overstated. In 2017, approximately 5,000 people lost their lives in truck-related accidents. Such figures lead many to wonder why so many fatal truck crashes take place.

Not surprisingly, moving violations and unsafe driving habits play a role in truck collisions. Truck drivers may find themselves under pressure to complete their job on time, so they may drive above the speed limit. Speeding proves regrettable when the truck cannot stop in time and causes a fatal collision. Yet, numerous truck drivers continue to drive above posted limits.

Truck drivers might embrace other dangerous driving practices, such as tailgating or making illegal passes. Ultimately, moving violations increase the chances of accidents, opening doors to civil and even criminal proceedings.

Sadly, the use of alcohol and drugs may lead to a collision. Drivers with substance abuse problems might take to the roads with deadly results. Others could use drugs to help keep them awake, but those drugs may contribute to a crash.

Other causes of truck collisions

Truck accidents might happen when a driver makes an unfortunate, ill-advised decision, such as driving while fatigued. Mandatory break regulations exist, but some drivers ignore them. Consequences may follow.

Various other issues could lead to disaster on the road. Distracted driving affects even seasoned truck drivers. Everything from rubbernecking to talking on a smartphone while driving may cause a catastrophe.

The rise of in-vehicle technology factors into distracted driving incidents. A bored truck driver may make the ill-advised decision to pay more attention to a touchscreen than the road, leading to a regrettable accident. The accident may lead to a jury award or an insurance settlement for the victims.