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Who is responsible for your truck injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Truck Accidents

After a truck accident, victims often desperately need compensation to cover the cost of their injuries and other expenses. While they may need a settlement check to cover these costs, they will not be able to pursue their full settlement until they know who is ultimately responsible for their accident. An accident that results in a disabling injury can cost a victim tens of thousands of dollars, which may be money they do not have. While anyone can be responsible for an accident, three primary parties may be liable:

The driver

The truck driver is often the most popular guess as to who is liable for your injuries. Reckless and negligent driving are some of the leading factors in an accident, and truck accidents are no exception. Speeding and driving while exhausted may be the driver’s reasoning for the accident, but that may mean that another party is liable.

The employer

While there are times where the recklessness or negligence of a driver is their own responsibility, there are also times where their employer may be ultimately at fault. If the employer knowingly hired a driver with a history of reckless driving, they could be liable for any accidents they cause. Additionally, if a company forces a driver to work long shifts or meet tight deadlines, it could cause the exhaustion or speeding that caused the accident.

The manufacturer

Every part of a semi-truck needs to be able to function flawlessly. If the brakes, windshield wipers, or any other truck part suddenly fails, the consequences can be disastrous. When something like this happens, the manufacturer of the defective product may be responsible for the consequences of the accident.

How can you be sure?

If you suffered injuries that resulted from a truck accident, do not take chances with your injury claim. Let an experienced attorney review your accident to determine what options you have to build the custom-tailored strategy that suits your needs in your injury claim.