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Establishing a credible witness in a car accident claim

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

Car crashes are an unfortunate reality, even for vehicles traveling down residential streets, which was the case when two cars collided on Newman Street in Mansfield. Three people had to go to the hospital for injuries, including a burglary suspect.

To have the best chance of getting all the compensation you need to fully recover, you may need to establish a car accident claim. This requires you to bring evidence to the table. One of the best pieces of evidence you can have is witness testimony. However, simply having someone who witnessed the crash is not enough. You need to establish the individual as a credible witness to help bolster your claim.

Objective testimony

First and foremost, the witness cannot have any stake in the claim. You may have had other people in your vehicle who witnessed the crash, but they obviously have a bias. This can work to your advantage because it also means the other driver cannot have friends and family members testify. Ideally, it will be someone not present in either vehicle and who merely witnessed the crash from the sidewalk or a nearby store.

No criminal record

The witness should have a stellar record and be a value to the community. This person should not have any criminal history or a past of drug abuse. Additionally, you should make sure the witness does not take any prescription drugs. The other side may use any excuse they can muster to put the testimony into question, so the witness should be free of any illicit substance use.

Good eyesight

Again, the other side will look for any excuse to call the witness’ testimony into question. Therefore, if the individual normally wears glasses but did not at the moment of the accident, then it could cause problems. It sounds like a lot, but finding a witness who can testify in your favor is a path worth pursuing in any personal injury claim.