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Science yields new hope for spine injury victims

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Personal Injury

A spinal cord injury is often permanently damaging. It is one of the worst personal injuries that can arise from accidents such as car crashes, falls and sports incidents.

Currently, no known cure exists for spinal cord injuries. However, that does not mean spinal cord injury survivors have no hope for the future. Thanks to modern technologies and new research, people with SCIs can lead long, fulfilling lives.

Improved emergency care

The actions a physician or EMT takes immediately following a spine injury can make important differences to the patient’s overall outcome. Today, physicians know more than ever about the mechanics of spinal cord injuries. They have improved emergency care for accident victims with spine injuries, including new antibiotics to prevent harmful infections. Proper emergency care can set a patient up for better success in the future.

Innovative rehabilitation therapies

With rehabilitation, an SCI survivor can hope to regain some degree of function by repairing the damage sustained to the nervous system. Modern technology has worked wonders for patients through new rehabilitative therapies. Advances have given scientists hope for eventually being able to completely restore function after serious spinal cord injuries. New surgeries and developments in injury restoration, such as spinal nerve regeneration, are giving patients renewed hope.

Some of the top solutions currently available for spinal cord injury patients are protecting nerve cells from additional harm, regenerating damaged cells, repairing destroyed nerve cells and retraining the nerves to regain function and feeling. Although these rehabilitation efforts can cost thousands of dollars, many spine injury victims could be eligible for compensation from the parties that caused their injuries. Compensation can include reimbursement for all injury-related medical expenses throughout the victim’s life.

Plenty of new research

Researchers are working around the clock to discover more about how spinal cord injuries work and how to repair the damage. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke organizes and funds a great deal of this research, as well as several other major organizations. In addition, many specialized hospitals and care centers exist to specifically treat patients with spine injuries. Living with a spinal cord injury may be easier in the future.