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What dangers can you find poolside?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Serious Injuries

As summer temperatures start setting into Illinois, you may be getting ready to take a dip in the nearest pool as soon as possible. Unfortunately, pools can be very dangerous places. Today, we’ll discuss some potential sources of injury to keep an eye out for.

FindLaw first states that the risk of slipping and falling on the slick deck of a pool is one of the main concerns. Not only do you risk injuring yourself or hitting your head on the cement, but there is also a risk of drowning. It’s far too easy for someone to knock themselves unconscious and slip into the pool before anyone notices that they’re gone.

Diving injuries are also hazardous. Like slipping poolside, diving into the shallow end of a pool can result in head injury, loss of consciousness and drowning. Even pool drains can present a potential drowning risk. Swimmers have gotten hair, clothing, and even body parts trapped in the strong suction of pool drains before. This can hold a person under water long enough to drown them.

Most pools have rules in place to cut down on these incidents, as well as trained lifeguards supervising the area. These guards are able to spot dangerous situations and react quickly, saving the lives of those in trouble.

Pools may be a fun place to relax, but they can also be full of peril. This is especially true if the appropriate safety measures aren’t taken. Has the negligent handling of pool-related safety matters affected your well-being at the pool? If so, you may want to contact an attorney.