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Crane collapse kills bystanders and workers

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Serious Injuries

Construction cranes – those impossibly tall, imposing structures that loom over buildings under construction – are so much a part of the background in Illinois cities that many people rarely notice them, even when they have been present on a worksite for some time. However, these giant cranes can pose a significant danger for not only construction workers, but anyone nearby if something goes wrong, as a recent accident illustrated.

According to the Seattle Times, a construction crane that had been poised over a building collapsed in Seattle, Washington, last April, killing two workers and two people who had been on the street below. A driver caught the incident on his dashboard camera, which was analyzed by numerous safety experts. They concluded that the collapse likely happened because safety pins that stabilize construction cranes may have been removed all at once, rather than one section at a time, to dismantle the crane. They stated that this practice is common in the construction industry, although it is extremely dangerous, as a crane lacking safety pins can become unstable and collapse.

Construction companies and those working for them have a responsibility to adhere to safety standards. Failing to do so can result in tragic accidents that seriously injure and kill not only workers, but also people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those who are affected in a construction accident may wish to pursue compensation. A construction company that is deemed responsible for an accident may be required to compensate injured parties.