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Take this quiz to test your medical term knowledge

If you have ever been to a hospital, you probably know that doctors seem to speak a different language than the general population. It is a mixture of Greek, Latin and English that, in many ways, is similar to the combination of different languages used in legal settings. However, even lawyers and judges have a hard time understanding medical texts sometimes. 

How well do you know the Latin and Greek that doctors throw around? Take this quiz to see how your knowledge of medical jargon stacks up against those who have taken the Hippocratic oath. 

Try to pick the right option out of the three options for each word. Then, check your response against the answers at the end of this article. 

Per centum

Every century; the purring center in a cat; for each one hundred.


Finger or toe bones; a line of soldiers; a type of rope used in surgery.


Surgery that replaces damaged skin with a graft; moving through skin; a middle layer in your skin.


Of or relating to parents; medicine taken nonorally; paranormal results from medical treatment.


Towards the front; an old way of saying "inside"; the outermost layer of a bone.


Medical bills that come from outside providers; the bones of your wrists; muscles that stretch between the ribs.


Below a protective membrane that surrounds the central nervous system; medically serious; under an acceptable level of durability.

Here are the answers:

  •       Per centum: for each hundred (otherwise known as "percent")
  •       Phalanges: finger or toe bones
  •       Transdermal: moving through skin
  •       Parenteral: medicine taken nonorally
  •       Anterior: towards the front
  •       Intercostals: muscles that stretch between the ribs
  •       Subdural: below a protective membrane that surrounds the central nervous system

If you got all seven right, maybe it is time to think about taking the MCAT. If you got half, then chances are you have enough medical knowledge to navigate a contemporary health care setting relatively well. 

Thankfully, you would not need to know every medical term during a personal injury case. Most law firms that handle injury or medical malpractice cases in Illinois maintain a network of expert witnesses. This often helps quickly and effectively explain your injury to a court — without confusing jargon.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Committed To My Cause"

    I was struck by a car while cycling and severely, almost fatally injured. A team of excellent medical professionals performed complicated and extensive surgical and medical procedures as part of a successful effort to restore my health....-Jeff D.

  • "Could not have made a better choice"

    We found Mark [Mathys] through the web after an auto accident in October 2011. While selecting someone you don't know to represent you can be a gamble, we could not have made a better choice....- Dave

  • "Very satisfied"

    Mark [Mathys] is very professional. He responds almost immediately, via email, to any question, comment or concern I have and if he is not able to respond right away, he will let me know. I have been very satisfied with Mark so far and I am happy to be his client.-Jennifer

  • "Easy to talk to"

    Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid were very professional and easy to talk to. Prior to working with them, my wife and I had no real experience with the legal system beyond a house closing, yet Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid explained the whole process to us very well. I knew that whenever I had a concern about our case or the legal system in general I could call their office or send an email and receive answers the same day...-Larry

  • "Provided very wise advice"

    I've dealt with attorneys on a variety of issues, almost all of them since leaving college and entering the workplace. Mr. Mathys was the first attorney I had any real experience with, and I was impressed then and remain so. He provided very wise advice and always kept me informed. In the end, he delivered a favorable result. I recommend him highly.- Tyler D.

  • "In-depth knowledge of the law"

    Mark [Schneid] is an excellent and skilled attorney and demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the law when he helped settle my dog bite lawsuit resulting from a traumatic incident. He explained what was needed of me and how I should handle the situation in a professional manner.- Karen K.

  • "They went to bat for me"

    Not long ago I was involved in a car accident where I was hit by a gravel truck at an intersection. After I called Mathys & Schneid, even though I didn't have a very large case, they made me feel like I was one of their most important cases. They went to bat for me with the trucking company's insurance and got me a settlement. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.-Dan H.

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