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How can falls cause serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Serious Injuries

People fall all the time. Often, such accidents are not serious. They may result in some scrapes and bruises and a little embarrassment, but the person recoups and carries on without much thought about the incident. However, in some fall accidents, a person gets seriously injured. According to iMedPub, most serious falls happen to older adults who already have other health problems or who may have balance issues, so they fall harder.

When you fall, your injuries occur due to the energy from your fall. The surface stops you and your body must absorb that energy. If you fall from a higher distance, there is more energy for your body to absorb, so the chances increase for severe damage to your body. If your body is compromised in any way, such as weak bones, your chances increase for a severe injury even with a short fall.

The most common injury is broken bones. Hips, hands, shoulders and arms are most vulnerable. However, head injuries are not uncommon, especially for young children. Spinal injuries are another possibility. Most people do not die from the fall itself unless they fall from a high area. It is the accompanying injuries that may lead to complication, including death.

While anyone can have a fall, it is more common for people who have balance issues or when the walking surface is uneven or slippery. Children are susceptible due to their center of gravity not being well-centered in their body. This information is for education and is not legal advice.