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Is Sterigenics International increasing your risk of cancer?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Personal Injury And Death

Residents like you who call Illinois your home want to grow up and spend your life in a place that’s conducive to good health. Unfortunately, certain factors can diminish your overall quality of life or even introduce elements that can harm you and your loved ones.

The Chicago Tribune takes a look at one such situation. Sterigenics International, a global company that operates out of sixteen cities, has recently faced heat for the possibility of increasing the risk of cancer by introducing carcinogenic pollutants to the air in the area. The primary pollutant in question, ethylene oxide, has been a known carcinogen and on the federal government’s official list of carcinogens since 1985.

In response to accusations of expelling this toxin into the air, Sterigenics has installed “state-of-the-art emissions control” equipment, which is supposed to reduce the amount of ethylene being pumped into the surrounding air by up to 90 percent.

But with a daycare center and four schools located within a mile radius of the Sterigenics plant, many people are saying this simply isn’t enough. More testing will soon be done in order to see the long-term effects that Sterigenics has on its surroundings. There will be tests to determine whether or not their installed equipment is actually making a difference. For now, the unfortunate statistic provided by federal health officials states that there could be 6 cases of cancer for every 1,000 people with the amount of ethylene oxide generated by the plant.

If you or your loved ones live near Sterigenics International and have been diagnosed with cancer, you can contact an attorney for more information. It may be possible to seek compensation.