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Mathys & Schneid Secures $47,500 Settlement in Dooring Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Car Accidents

Daniel R. Chaidez of Mathys & Schneid recently obtained a $47,500 settlement for a client injured in a bicycle-car crash. The incident happened on July 11, 2015, when our client was riding his bicycle in Chicago and the driver of a parked car opened his door directly in front of the bicyclist. Our client hit the door and suffered a fractured collarbone, but luckily made a quick and full recovery.

The insurance company for the driver made an unreasonable offer for settlement before Mathys & Schneid filed a lawsuit against the driver on February 10, 2017. The lawsuit alleged that the car driver was negligent when he opened his door into traffic when it wasn’t safe, didn’t keep a lookout for cars or bicycles, and didn’t warn traffic that he was about to open his door. Throughout litigation, Mathys & Schneid vigorously protected the bicyclist and argued that car drivers are required to keep a lookout for bicyclists when operating their cars, and that bicyclists must be afforded the same protection and rights as car drivers.

The defense tried to blame the bicyclist throughout litigation, arguing that he should have anticipated the driver opening his door and that he had enough time to maneuver around the door after it opened. However, after depositions, the defense significantly increased the settlement offer and the matter was resolved.

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