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How do you treat vertebral fractures?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Serious Injuries

If you’ve had an accident in Illinois that has caused you to fracture vertebrae, you will need to act quickly to treat the injury effectively. All injuries to the spine should receive immediate care due to the complications that can happen because of their location.

Medscape states that the care starts as soon as you’re on your way to the hospital. Immobilization is key in order to prevent medics from accidentally exacerbating spinal injuries during transportation. Typically this means you’ll end up with a plastic cervical collar to prevent your spine from moving excessively, and will be transported to a spine board shortly after. This step will not last long, as even an hour of use of a spine board can cause intense discomfort and even skin breakdown.

After doctors take care of you at the hospital and ensure that there are no severe damages or any injuries that require surgical care, you will be left with nonsurgical management options. Spinal orthotic braces or vests are often top contenders. These items limits your movements, and the stability will allow for the fractures to heal properly without any unexpected complications. Body casts are more effective at immobilization but are also much less comfortable or convenient. Administration of steroids can also help with improving both sensory functions and motor skills.

Keeping still and resting is essentially the best thing you can do for a spinal fracture, like any other fractured bone. It’s more difficult to achieve because you move your spine to do nearly everything, but it’s a crucial step to your overall healing.