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The link between car accidents and brain injury

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Serious Injuries

While you may not think about the possibility of suffering damage to your brain each time you head out on to the roadways across Illinois, the truth is that car accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries in every state across the country. At the Law Offices of Mathys and Schneid, we can fight for your rights after an accident and seek compensation for a TBI or any other type of injury.


The Brain Injury Society states that car accidents are the cause of 286,000 TBIs every year. While this makes up 14.3 percent of the total number of brain injuries that occur annually, the hundreds of thousands of Americans who experience them are often left with debilitating injuries.


You may be surprised to learn that even car accidents at lower speeds can cause traumatic brain injuries. Often, the symptoms that are normally associated with a TBI will be less apparent when a mild injury has occurred, making it more difficult to recognize that something is wrong. Despite the fact that these injuries are less severe, they are still capable of causing long-term problems with memory and other brain functions.


Being able to recognize all symptoms of traumatic brain damage can help you get the help you need immediately following an accident. Besides the more common signs of unequally-dilated pupils, loss of consciousness, drowsiness, headache and nausea, there are several less frequent signs to watch for. These include sensitivity to light or noise, mood changes, altered sleep patterns and ringing in the ears. For more information on this topic, please visit our web page.