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Summer dangers for bicyclists

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Personal Injury

Summer is the favorite riding season for many a bicyclist, especially during cooler times of the day. And for those bicyclists who try to commute to work no matter the weather and season, summer can bring a feast of new sights.

However, the pleasures of riding in summer do not come in isolation. In fact, summer can be an extremely dangerous time for bicyclists. Here is a look at some reasons why.

Heavy traffic

Kids, including driving teens, are out of school. Families are going on vacation. Road work jams traffic. There are more pedestrians and fellow bicyclists around. More moving parts in heavier traffic mean that cyclists have more things to be aware of. The odds also increase that a driver who is ignorant about how to drive around bicyclists will be nearby. The same principle applies with distracted drivers who have a hard time putting down their phones.

Thirst and heat

Bicycling when the weather is 80 or 90 degrees is an admirable feat. That said, you can take all of the appropriate precautions and still feel the sting of heat and thirst. Even taking your sunglasses off for a few minutes can be dangerous if sunlight glares off the buildings around you and right into your eyes. Many factors might interfere with how well you perceive the cars around you, and one irresponsible driver can change everything.

Inexperienced riders

Summer may be when children on bikes venture farther out and when new cyclists decide to try harder routes or unfamiliar neighborhoods. The result can be more injuries when cyclists fall off. More dog bites, too, and more car-bicycle collisions. For example, riding on an unfamiliar street can mean potholes you were not aware of, speeding traffic, and a homeowner who might let his or her dog run loose.

Being injured when you are on a bicycle can lead to severe suffering. An attorney can help explore your options in personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit discussions.