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To wear or not to wear: Bike helmet safety

On Behalf of | May 16, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Residents of Illinois who bike frequently have likely grown up surrounded by talk of the importance of wearing a safety helmet while riding. Many supporters say that it’s the potential difference between life and death in the case of a cyclist being hit. Cyclists may also wonder every now and then whether or not it actually does make a difference when it comes to their protection on the road.

There is plenty of back-and-forward debate regarding the efficiency of bike helmets. Some say that it doesn’t actually make a difference in one’s overall level of protection. Others, like Cycle Helmets, boast data that shows bike helmets do have a strong hand in reducing head injuries. Many people against the use of helmets may not understand that helmet design has evolved greatly over the last decade as well, with fashion and form marrying together for stronger, more efficient, and trendier-looking helmets.

Some research shows that helmets are only good for preventing certain types of injury. However, other data provided by members of National Bicycle Safety Network show that up to 97 percent of fatal bike crashes in New York involved cyclists who were not wearing helmets. This is one shared trait that cyclists shouldn’t be overlooking.

In the end, there’s data and arguments to support both sides. However, it’s undeniable that bike helmets do help reduce fatalities and has a hand in protecting the brain from certain damages. The reduction of risk factors may be enough to encourage cyclists to pop on that helmet before heading out.