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Preserving evidence of slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Premises Liability

In Illinois, individuals and businesses who own buildings and other premises have an obligation to keep those spaces reasonably safe, particularly for those who have permission to be on the premises.

When an accident like a slip and fall or an injury due to a falling object happens, business owners know they may wind up having to pay compensation to the injured person for lost wages, medical bills and other items like emotional pain and suffering.

Therefore, they may be in a special hurry to fix a hazardous condition in their building once an accident happens, not so much out of concern for the safety of future guests and customers, but in order to cover their tracks, making it more difficult for injured Naperville resident to make a case.

Our law office knows this technique is a common one among business owners, especially large corporations with well-established policies. When we get a call from an injured victim of an accident on someone else’s property, we have in the past been willing to drop everything in order to get photos and video of the scene of the accident before anything gets fixed.

Sometimes, of course, documenting a dangerous condition is simply not possible. Still, we know how to use experts like engineers or specialists in safety in order to prove an accident was the responsibility of the person or organization who owned the property. We have in the past been able to overcome the challenge of proving the existence of a dangerous condition and getting our clients the compensation they need and deserve.