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Failure to treat a medical condition

Medical negligence can happen in a lot of different ways in Illinois. In most cases, people think of medical negligence as a doctors' error that occurs during surgery. However, sometimes medical negligence is just as much about something that a doctor failed to do as it is about something he or she did wrong.

Take cases in which doctors fail to treat fatal or serious illnesses, for example. These instances can happen after a doctor uses bad medical judgment and decides not to treat an illness. They can also happen if the doctor mistakenly diagnoses an illness or fails to diagnose an illness. When a serious illness goes untreated like this, the aftereffects can be devastating.

Imagine for a second if a doctor did not diagnose and treat a fatal condition — like coronary artery disease or cancer. Potentially, when medical treatments are applied during the early stages of these conditions, doctors can thwart the fatal aspects of the diseases, and/or they can significantly prolong an individual's life — in some cases by a factor of decades. Conversely, without the necessary treatment protocols being applied, injuries will progress and the result — in many cases — is death.

At the Naperville, Illinois, Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, we know that the more medical negligence cases we bring out into the open, the more likely doctors, nurses, medical facilities and hospitals will be able to increase the quality of the care they administer in order to prevent becoming the targets of a medical malpractice action that seeks to hold them accountable. Furthermore, the more of these cases we reveal, the more likely lawmakers will be to stiffen regulations designed to prevent scenarios in which doctor's negligence is likely to occur. In this sense, when you seek to hold medical providers liable for their mistakes, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping those in the future by supporting our communities to demand higher quality medical care.

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