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Potential street racing causes high-speed crash

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Car Accidents

Though the investigation is ongoing, the police are looking into a wreck in Park Ridge to see if one of the vehicles was speeding because it was involved in an illegal street race. They can’t say for sure yet, but it is the initial thought from the department. They have said that no one involved was on drugs or using alcohol.

According to law enforcement, an SUV with at least two passengers inside was speeding dramatically right before the crash. They say that an Audi then pulled out in front of the SUV, with a 24-year-old woman behind the wheel, and the SUV slammed into it.

The SUV allegedly careened on after hitting the Audi, flipping and rolling. It then reportedly struck a light pole and it also ran into a tree. During all of this, two passengers were flung from the vehicle. The wreck happened near the point where Cumberland and Devon come together in an intersection.

Everyone involved was injured, though the driver of the Audi only had minor injuries, as did the SUV’s driver. The passengers in the SUV were not as fortunate. A young woman had numerous fractures. A young man was in serious condition, with swelling on his brain, needing emergency surgery. Those two, along with the SUV driver, were treated at Lutheran General Hospital after being taken there by emergency crews.

This case shows just how quickly an accident can happen, due to one simple decision on the road. If you’ve been injured in a crash, look into the rights that you may have to financial compensation, especially if you have significant medical bills.

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