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Tips for Car Drivers to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

With summer right around the corner, car drivers will see more motorcycles on the road. Unfortunately, this will lead to an increase in car-motorcycle accidents. Even though motorcycle drivers use helmets and gloves, they are still at risk for severe injuries when involved in a crash. Below are some tips for car drivers that will help reduce the amount of motorcycle crashes this year.

Most car-motorcycle crashes are caused by the car driver failing to notice the motorcycle, since car drivers tend to be on the lookout for other cars or trucks on the road. In order to prevent a car-motorcycle crash, car drivers should thoroughly check their blind spots when changing lanes. Since motorcycles are smaller than cars or trucks, a driver’s quick glance may not be enough to notice a motorcycle before making a lane change.

When driving behind a motorcycle, car drivers should give more space between their own car and the motorcycle than they would normally give another car. Since a motorcycle driver can be easily thrown from their motorcycle, it’s extremely important for the car driver to avoid rear-ending a motorcycle at any speed. Keeping a safe distance between the two vehicles is a great way to avoid any crash.

Lastly, if you do notice a motorcycle on the road, remember to drive defensively. This means that you should try to anticipate how a motorcycle will maneuver around an obstruction or traffic. Driving defensively will quicken your reaction time, which ultimately will prevent an accident from happening.

Of course, there are some tips that motorcycle drivers should follow to help prevent a car crash. The most important tip is to follow the rules of the road and avoid driving between lanes. Similarly, motorcycle drivers should avoid driving in a car’s blind spot. It’s difficult enough for a car driver to catch a full-size car in a blind spot, but it’s even more difficult to catch a motorcycle that’s a fraction of the size of a car.

Both car and motorcycle drivers need to work together to keep the roads safe. However, if you or someone you know was involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order to help protect your interests. In 2013, Mathys & Schneid was able to recover a $1.25 million settlement to a motorcycle crash victim.

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