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NHTSA making advances in technology to keep driver’s safe on the roadways

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2015 | Car Accidents

A few months ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced their intention to advance technology between vehicles on the roadway to enable them to communicate with each other. Ultimately, the aim of the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology would be to enhance auto safety and prevent roadside collisions.

V2V technology allows vehicles to exchange safety data, such as speed and position in order to avoid collisions. The current application of V2V technology provides drivers with warnings to avoid other vehicles in typical incidents such as rear-end or intersection collisions.

According to the NHTSA website, “V2V communications can provide the vehicle and driver with 360-degree situational awareness to address additional crash situations – including those, for example, in which a driver needs to decide if it is safe to pass on a two-lane road (potential head-on collision), make a left turn across the path of oncoming traffic, or in which a vehicle approaching at an intersection appears to be on a collision course. In those situations, V2V communications can detect threats hundreds of yards from other vehicles that cannot be seen, often in situations in which on-board sensors alone cannot detect the threat.”

Similar to the time period when seatbelts, airbags and headrests were introduced into vehicles in the United States, V2V technology represents another landmark in automobile safety. Automobile collisions result in over 30,000 deaths in the United States per year. The advancements in technology are critical to reducing automobile-related deaths and severe injuries.

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