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Supporting your family after an injury in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Supporting your family in Illinois can be hard enough when you have full-time employment and a paycheck that comes in every two weeks. You may have a mortgage, a car payment, and the never-ending cost of buying food. As your children get older, they may get into sports and other activities that cost you a lot of money. Parents like you work hard to ensure that they can cover these costs, but what happens if an injury means that you can’t work at all?

Many job site injuries can lead to disabilities. In some cases, the disability may only last for a short time, going away as you recover and your body heals. Other times, it may be a permanent disability that puts an end to the career that you have worked so hard to craft for yourself. In either case, if you’re paid by the hour, that disability means that you cannot put in the hours, and you cannot get paid.

There are ways that companies work around this. For example, your boss may be able to give you a desk job while you recover so that you can still make money, even though you’re working in a different capacity. However, this is not guaranteed, and some companies do not have these alternatives in place.

In cases like these, you must know what rights you have to workers’ compensation. This is money that can be used for more than just your medical bills after the accident. It may also be able to help you support your family and pay those bills. If you’d like to learn more, check out our page today.